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We're building a new category of home appliance.

electrification is too hard

Let's make the choice to decarbonize our homes easy and obvious.

We make appliances with integrated battery energy storage.

To fight climate change, we must electrify our homes and install battery energy storage to support the electric grid.

It's easier to do both when we do them together.

Our appliances deliver tons of power without requiring major home electrical upgrades.

The battery ensures you've got the power you need, no matter what the grid is doing.

gas is poison

Let's clear the air.

You wouldn't leave your car running in the garage; why would you burn gas in the kitchen?

Children in homes with a gas stove are 42% more likely to develop asthma.

Induction stoves are more powerful, more consistent, and easier to clean.

Nice energy.

Dinner time is when the mix of electricity on the grid is dirtiest. So don’t use it.

The battery charges when the grid is cleanest.

Avoid burning fossil fuels in the kitchen and out on the grid.

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Your stove is the first appliance to get a battery, but not the last.

a high-powered cooking experience without the need for a 240-volt outlet

homeowner’s next big kitchen cooking upgrade

avoid a bunch of costly and unnecessary upgrades

stands out for how many problems it could solve

innovations that give us hope for 2024

Induction delivers

Powerful. Steady. Clean.

Smokin’ searing, smooth simmering, and everything in between.

"for the vast majority of cooking that the average American home cook does, an induction burner will perform as well or better than a typical gas range." - J. Kenji López-Alt

Craft and Creation

We believe in the great American traditions of building finely crafted tools that are worth passing through the generations and creating new technologies that enrich and simplify our lives. 

We have come together from around the country, to build a company in Berkeley, California.

If you want to help

We always try to make room at the table for more to join.

If we're hiring currently, those roles are here. If not, just say hello.

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