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Pre-Order Charlie

The world's first energy storage equipped induction electric range.

We’ve sold out of First Edition Charlie ranges, and are now accepting pre-orders. Your pre-order deposit secures your future order. It is fully refundable at any time.

  • Dimensions

    29 7/8 inches wide
    36 inches height to cooking surface.
    4.55 cubic feet oven capacity.

  • Power

    Electrical Requirement: 120v, 15A
    Energy Storage: 5kWh
    Peak Output: 10kW

  • Warranty

    2 full year manufacturer's warranty. Repair or replacement of any defective parts or parts included.

How it works

A battery changes everything

Induction stoves need a lot of power, for short periods of time.

Charlie uses a built-in battery to give you that power when you need it. It charges intelligently during times when renewable energy is available, so you're always ready to cook.

Charlie's also got your back when the power goes out, with enough on board power to cook 3-5 meals.


Charlie is a standard 30" range

Width: 29 7/8 inches
Depth: 28 15/16 inches, including handle
Height: 35 3/4 to 36 1/4 inches height to cooking surface.

Oven Capacity: 4.55 cubic feet
Oven Width: 22 1/8 inches
Oven Depth: 16 1/4 inches
Oven Height: 17 inches
Oven Racks: 5 positions

Cooktop: 4 symmetrical 7.9 inch high-power cooking zones

If you are replacing a gas range, when we deliver Charlie, we will collect your gas range and deliver it to a recycling facility.

Charlie is eligible for several rebates and incentives.

With the federal 30% battery tax credit, the final cost of a stainless steel First Edition Charlie range will be approximately $4,199.

Additional incentives may apply. For example: Federal induction range incentive of $840 rebate will apply to anyone switching from a gas range and earning less than 150% of Area Median Income and additional local incentives will varry.
We will help ensure you get every applicable rebate or tax credit available.

We offer a full 2 year manufacturer's warranty on Charlie.

We will repair or replace any defective parts or parts that fail from normal wear and tear.

Part of our approach of selling only to select markets is to ensure we have service and support networks in place to deliver a great experience should anything go wrong with your range during the warranty period or beyond.
Love at first touch

California Black Walnut

All First Edition Charlie ranges come with knobs and door handle made from reclaimed California Black Walnut with copper inlay.

The wood was reclaimed from a barn in Sonoma County, CA.

Let's make this easy

Just Plug & Play

Installing a Charlie range is as easy as getting a new fridge or washing machine. In about an hour you'll be cooking with the magic of induction.

For all First Edition Ranges, we are including full-service delivery and installation, as well as disposal of your old stove at no additional cost.